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I remember when I ate whatever and whenever until I woke up and realized that my health must be a priority. 

You can take control of your life by taking care of your health and maintain daily focus to work toward accomplishing health goals. 

It is time to empower and motivate your organization by bringing awareness to the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  

Dr. Jacques Will:

  Bring a plethora of nursing knowledge to give your organization  

  inspiration for healthy living

  Encourage and inspire your organization strategies to develop healthy      

  habits that will aspire a better quality of life

  Share information that attendees can pass on to their families and future     families to come 

  Educate and teach on areas to focus on to develop a normal healthy  health pattern   

  Motivate your group by sharing refreshing tools that will encourage  


  Entertain and incite attendees to think bigger, expect more out of life and   to enjoy the journey. 


More than a decade of nursing experience as a Registered Nurse  

Develop and instruct teaching sessions on tips to maintaining a healthy lifestyle 

Bring enlightenment on cardiovascular diseases such as: Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Attack, Stroke, and much more 

Nurse Director and Nurse Leadership experience

Work with and share strategies on how to maintain your health in a general sense

Teach and instruct on the importance of eating the right foods and maintaining the discipline to continue a healthy journey

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