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I can remember the days of my youth and the things that were very much needed. 

Youth are so fertile and in dire need of positive direction to inspire a better future and success. 

It is time to empower and motivate teens to discover themselves while living a life of enjoyment and healthy self-esteem. 

Dr. Jacques Will:

   Encourage an inspire teens to develop healthy habits that will aspire

   them to pass on to their future families for years to come. 

   Educate and teach students to focus on areas such as developing self-

   belief, self-esteem, goals and plans that will contribute to their success in

   the future. 

   Bring refreshening to teachers by sharing tools to help their students to 

   become the best teens and future adults. 

   Entertain and incite students to think bigger, expect more out of life and  

   to enjoy the journey. 

   Share innovative ideas on the journey to being an author. 

7-8 Years of experience working to create youth curriculum 

Develop and instruct teaching sessions with teens to bring new perspectives on peer pressure, fear, goals and many more topics 

Work with other aspiring leaders 

Assisted and planned youth camps that gave specific instructions on basic life skills 

Develop and wrote teen plays

Work with and counsel high school teens for more than 7 years

Assisted with Developing youth camps that instructed teens on self belief, self-esteem and many more topics

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