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Dr. Jacques Mitchell is an inspiring leader and a faithful renaissance servant. He brings encouragement, motivation and life changing tools into lives across the globe. His greatest fulfillment in life is having the opportunity to help others to live more purposeful. He is an entrepreneur that is self motivated and ambitious. His passion is to be a blessing to others as he enjoys serving the community. He has led countless Thanksgiving & Christmas giveaway drives, voting drives, and much more. Though life bring many challenges, he is able to find the positive and live life in overflow. 

Jacques has more than a decade of public speaking and leadership experience, both in the secular world as well as the church environment. He is an accomplished self published author of eleven books, including;    Effectively Conquering Your Day, 30 Days of Power, Growing To The Next Level, What God Is Like, Winning Quotes for Living, Secrets To Writing Your First Book, Breaking Through & Burnout, Power Prayers For Healthcare Workers, The Pathway To Growth, Prayer Journal For Men, & Prayer Women For Women.

He is a motivational speaker that is passionate about encouraging, motivating, and inspiring othersFor the last 17 years he has been speaking in many sectors such as Revivals, Conferences, Church Anniversaries, Workshops, Prophetic Engagements, Health & Medical Empowerment. It is his desire to make a kingdom impact. Being a passionate servant of the Lord, his greatest passion is to see people come to Christ, expand their knowledge in God’s word while making that knowledge applicable for day to day living. Throughout the years he has equipped others with leadership skills, book writing success, and spiritual gifts recognition. He has shared encouraging messages in high schools, lead financial seminars, taught the basics of prayer, and strategies to lead others to the next level. As a self published author, he also helps others fulfill their dream of publishing their first book. 

Jacques is a graduate of Minden High School. He received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Grambling in 2009. He obtained a Masters in Biblical Studies in 2016, a Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies in 2019 and a Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling in 2023 at Louisiana Baptist Seminary.  As an ordained minister since 2007 and Pastor since 2012, Jacques also pastored full-time for nearly a decade. He received a Life Coach Certification in Mental Health & First Aid Responder (American Association of Christian Counseling) in 2023). He enjoys reading, writing and spending time enjoying life. 


Dr. Jacques is a preaching and teaching artist. With great exegetical skills, he is able to bring solid truths from God's word. He loves to inspire teens to develop healthy habits that will aspire them to pass on to their future families for years to come. He enjoys educating and teaching students to focus on areas such as developing self-belief, self-esteem, goals and plans that will contribute to their success in the future. He shares tools to help youth to become the best teens and future adults, while encouraging them to think bigger, expect more out of life and enjoy the journey. Prior to being senior pastor, Dr. Jacques shared innovative ideas aimed to develop youth curriculums, develop and instruct teaching sessions with teens to bring new perspectives on peer pressure, fear, life goals and many more topics. He also worked with other aspiring leaders to plan youth events that gave specific instructions on basic life skills and assisted to develop and write teen plays. He extensively worked with and counseled high school teens for more than 7 years


Jacques has nearly two decades of nursing experience as a Registered Nurse. As a leader he has developed and instructed teaching sessions on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, cardiovascular diseases such as: Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Attack, Stroke. He has served as Nurse Director Services and provided education to fellow nurses and other medical staff. He has led in teaching and instructing on the importance of eating the right foods and maintaining the discipline to continue a healthy journey. He is a certified American Health Association instructor for BLS, Heartsaver, ACLS, PALS, & PEARS. He brings a plethora of nursing knowledge to give your organization inspiration for healthy living.

Dr. Jacques is also passionate about education and empowerment while being committed to helping others reach their fullest potential. He believes visions are achievable with the right drive and helps his audience see this same possibility.



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