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Dr. Jacques services are fueled with energy and are impactful to those that are present in attendance.

There is no possible way to attend a setting with this great speaker and your life not be impacted. 

It is time for you to take your organization to refreshened place with strategies that will catapult you and your team to a new place. 

Be impacted by the energy and enthusiasm in which Dr. Jacques present with. 

Dr. Jacques is on an assignment to bring encouragement, motivation and life changing tools into lives across the globe. His greatest fulfillment in life is having the opportunity to help others to live more purposeful. He is an entrepreneur that is self motivated and ambitious. Though life bring many challenges, he is able to find the positive and live life in overflow. 

Jacques has more than a decade of public speaking and leadership experience, both in the secular world as well as the church environment. 
He is an accomplished self published author of nine books, including; Effectively Conquering Your Day, 30 Days of Power, Growing To The Next Level, What God Is Like, Winning Quotes for Living, Secrets To Writing Your First Book, Breaking Through & Burnout, Power Prayers For Healthcare Workers, & The Pathway To Growth.

For the last 13 years he has been speaking in many sectors of the community and lives to make a community impact. Being a passionate servant of the Lord, his greatest passion is to see God’s people expand their knowledge in God’s word while making that knowledge applicable for day to day living. 

Jacques is a graduate of Minden High School. He received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Grambling. He obtained a Masters in Biblical Studies in 2016, a Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies in 2019 and a Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling in 2023.  As an ordained minister since 2007 and Pastor since 2012, Jacques also pastored full-time until April 2019. He enjoys reading, writing and spending time enjoying life. 
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