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Preparing You For A Lifetime of Love


As your wedding officiant, I will help you create the most memorable moment in which your guests will not only laugh, but more importantly, they will catch a glimpse of the magic surrounding how you met and fell in love.

Newly Wed Couple
Wedding Photography




"The Prestige Treatment"


Short & Sweet Ceremony

1 Planning Session

One Premarital Session

License Guidance/Filing



"The Deluxe Treatment"


2 Planning Sessions

Vow Coaching/Editing

Ritual or Unity Ceremony

License Guidance/Filing

Two Premarital Sessions



"The Royale Treatment"


2 Planning Sessions

Vow Coaching/Editing

Rehearsal Attendance

Ritual or Custom Ceremony

License Guidance/Filing

Two Premarital Sessions

***Traveling discussions are available for all packages. Lodge, meal & travel costs will apply.



We offer couples a unique experience to celebrate their love and rekindle the promises they made on their wedding day. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special anniversary or renew your vows while on holiday in New York City, our packages are tailored to fit every budget. Reach out to our specialists to learn more about our offerings and to plan your unforgettable celebration.


We offer couples a unique experience to celebrate their love in the form of a wedding ceremony. We make your day one to remember. Reach out to learn more about our offerings and to plan your unforgettable celebration.


We provide a unique approach to ceremonies that honor your beliefs and values. We will guide you toward creating a tailored ceremony for your child that will be remembered and cherished for years to come. Because every child is special, the ceremony should honor the gift they are to the world.


I’ll meet you at a location of your choosing within 50 miles of Dallas (travel fee required for more). If the distance is outside of the 50 miles, arrangements are expected to be provided for in the form of travel, meals, rooming, etc.


You’ll receive the same care and attention as those choosing for larger weddings, including creating a customized and memorable wedding ceremony. 


I know how difficult it can be to lose a loved one. It’s important to choose someone who can provide compassionate and personalized memorial services to make sure your loved one is remembered in all of the best ways. 


I am happily married to my best friend,  Anne. I grew up in Louisiana  and currently live in Dallas, Texas, where I am a Mental Health Life Coach, Entrepreneur & Author. I love reading, long nature walks, and a good barbecue restaurant! I am a Registered Nurse, Certified Mental Health Life Coach, Pastor and possess a PhD in Biblical Studies & Christian Counseling. 

Each ceremony I do is crafted uniquely to the couple and is based all around your love story. Anyone can read some vows and make it official. When you hire me you are hiring a communicator – I will connect with your audience, make it personal, and still keep it concise.

Dr. Jacques Mitchell



How do we book you for our wedding?

Click on the "for booking" page and fill out the information form, or email me directly at

We will set up a free consultation to meet and discuss your upcoming wedding as a date is provided. A 50% deposit is required to secure your date. Once the deposit is received, I will start writing your ceremony all based around your love story and agreed upon on with you. 

How much do you charge?

My fee for a weddings range from is $499-$899.  It will be more if it is farther away and may be less for last minute or midweek weddings. 

Anyone can say some vows and make it official. When you hire me you are hiring a communicator. You will not be let down and everything will go incredibly smooth. I do everything according to your desire so you and your fiancé can show up to the ceremony and just be present with each other. Let me do what I do and you sit back and enjoy the most beautiful day of your lives.

Every ceremony I do is customized to the couple. This is what makes me special. Many officiants just copy and paste your names into the ceremonies they have always done. I will learn all about you as a couple and tell the history of how you met, got engaged, and what you love about each other.  No two ceremonies are the same and I guarantee, you will cherish your ceremony forever. 

Do you do weddings outside of Dallas, Texas?

Yes, I do weddings in nearby counties as well. For weddings outside Dallas a travel fee may apply (flexible based on distance). I will travel internationally to help you to make your moment special.  

What is premarital counseling and do you require it?

Premarital counseling is a great way to get to know the person you are marrying on a deeper level. Through in-depth questions and exercises, you will be able to identify the most important ingredients of building a healthy marriage, before you both say, "I do." I do not require premarital counseling, but recommend it. I would be happy to lead you through premarital counseling myself or refer you to a number of excellent premarital counselors in the area. We can talk through the various counseling options during your free consultation.

How long is a typical ceremony?

The ceremony will be long enough to be personal and purposeful but short enough to be clear and concise. The ceremony is custom to the couple's desire. Of course, if we choose to include additional elements, the ceremony will be longer. But, 30 minutes is generally the longest a ceremony will ever last.  This is your wedding, so we can structure it however you'd like!

Do you do rehearsals?

I am happy to be present at or run the rehearsal, for an additional $200 or according to the available package, Some couples choose to have the officiant help run the rehearsal for added peace of mind and clarity with the flow of events. It is completely up to you, and we can discuss it more in our initial meetings. 

Do you file our marriage license?

It is preferred that either the couple, or some close relative file the marriage license. 

Are you a licensed minister?

Yes, I am licensed pastor. I was licensed in 2009.

Dr. Jacques Mitchell 


Dallas, Texas 75201

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