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Dr. Jacques teaches on the Gifts of the spirit. that are mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12 & 13, Ephesians 4 & Romans 12: Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Miracles, Healings, Helps, Administration, Word of wisdom, Word of knowledge, faith, discernment, tongues, interpretation of tongues, love and much more. 

Dr. Jacques has a passion for leadership as he has lead leadership roles for almost two decades. Topics on communication, teamwork, discipline, conflict management, strategy, problem solving and much more. 

Dr. Jacques provides a step-by-step design to accomplish your dream as a published author.  Learn some practical things with book publishing that will lead you to achieving your goal of having your book published. 

In Dr. Jacques' Book "Growing To The Next Level" & " The Pathway To Growth", He shares strategies which will bring growth for the believer. Through this workshop, he also shares how to grow, the steps to growth, getting back on track, beginning growth, sustained growth and much more. 

Dr. Jacques provides equipping on proven strategies to conquer the day. He shares on how to conquer your day, the power of positive thinking, the importance of words and their impact, taking on the armor of God and much more. 

Dr. Jacques provides a format for casting out devils. Prepare your team for the inevitable. Allow us to give you the necessary tools to bring deliverance to those whom the devil has bound. 

Dr. Jacques describes his workshops as thrilling, simplistic and thought provoking. Those that attend the workshops will be fueled with information and revelation that will ultimately bring elevation. 
Through thrilling illustrations and presenting with a one of a kind animation and heartfelt teaching, the attendees will leave compelled and moved. 
It is your time to take your life to an entirely new dimension. These workshops will influence change and bring transformation.

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