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Jacques is on an assignment to bring life through teaching others methods of CPR. Through CPR, lives can be hugely impacted and extend life to those that are in need of help. His greatest fulfillment in life has the opportunity to help others to live more purposefully and to see people grow. Through teaching CPR he is able to teach individuals new skills that will bring knowledge and empowerment. He is an entrepreneur that is self-motivated and ambitious. 


He has an extensive background in nursing and has worked in the following sectors: Director of Nursing Services, Assistant Director, Wound Care Director, ICU, Cardiac Step-down, Home Health, Medical Surgical, PCU, General Surgery, Oncology, Long Term Acute Care, & Travel Nursing. He brings a plethora of knowledge and skill in his skills sessions. 

For the last 17 years he has been speaking in many sectors of the community and into lives to make a community impact. As a passionate servant, his greatest passion is to see people grow in life.

Jacques is a graduate of Minden High School with a BSN from Grambling, a Master's in Biblical Studies, and a Doctorate in Philosophy in Biblical Studies in 2019 and a Philosophy in Christian Counseling in 2023 from Louisiana Baptist University & Seminary. 

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