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Doctrines of the Bible

Beginning May 18, 2024

In this Certificate Course, you will receive comprehensive knowledge of the doctrines of the bible. Upon the completion of the course, you will receive an official Certificate as being proficient in biblical doctrines. 

Course Fee:



Doctrines of the Bible Certificate Course

Course Starts

May 18, 2024, 8am-4pm CST

Course Length:


Get A Doctrines of the Bible Certificate

The Bible contains a vast amount of information. As a person of faith, it is vital to understand the basic foundational truths of biblical doctrine. Learning the foundations will allow you to see the bible from an entirely new light. Some of the answers you've had questions about such as creation, God, prophecy, redemption, the gospels, and more will be answered for you. 

This course is not limited to any group, it is beneficial to all. Did you know that students utilize the bible as an archaeological resource to reference points for papers that they write? It is absolutely true. Every person deserves to know the basic foundational pillars of the bible. As these things are learned, it allows an individual to receive a more comprehensive picture of God and empowerment for growth.

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What happens in the Doctrine of the Bible course

The Doctrines of the Bible Certificate Course is an online learning program with recommended readings from a selected textbook which the instructor will provide to the student upon registering. The book will be used in conjunction with direct teaching from the instructor. This is a 8-Hour course, which will require a suggested book, but the book is non-mandatory. If you would like to study before the official course start date, that is fine but not mandatory. This course is provided to you in the convenience of your own home or space which you desire.  

This Doctrines of the Bible Certificate Course has a recommended completion time of 8-hours. To fully complete the program, you will need to be available online.

The Doctrines of the Bible Certificate Course has been created to allow you to complete it in the comfort of your own home and at the pace you prefer as the recordings will be sent following each meeting. 


Course Topics

The Doctrines of the Bible Certificate Course has been developed to meet high academic standards, ensuring that as a graduate you can display your awareness of Biblical Doctrines you will earn from Rhema University. 

God's Revelation 

  • Inspiration of Scripture 

  • Special Revelation 

  • General Revelation  

  • Preservation of Scripture 

  • Illumination of Scripture 

  • Clarity of Scripture 

  • Authority of Scripture 

  • Inerrancy of Scripture


  • Creation Out of Nothing 

  • The Existence of God

  • The Knowability of God

  • The Goodness of Creation 

  • God's Glory 

  • God in Three Persons

  • Image of God in Humanity 

  • God's Plan & Human Action 

  • God's Providence 

  • Prayer & Providence 

  • Angels

  • Satan & Demons

  • The Problem of Evil

  • Miracles

     & Much More 


  • God is Just 

  • God is Love 

  • God is Holy 

  • God is Gracious 

  • God is Merciful 

  • God is Faithful

  • God is Infinite 

  • God is Omniscient 

  • God is Omnipotent 

  • God is Omnipresent 

  • God is Transcendent 

  • God is Immanent 

     & Much More 


  • Christ As Substitute 

  • Election 

  • Regeneration 

  • Imputation 

  • Jesus' Humanity 

  • Sinlessness of Jesus 

  • Christ As Priest 

  • Christ As King 

  • Aspects of the Atonement 

  • Personality of the Holy Spirit 

     & Much More 


  • Sin as Selfishness

  • Sin As Idolatry 

  • Sin & Death 

  • Sin's Effect In The World

  • Enslaved to Sin

  • Temptation & Sin 

  • Guilt & Shame 

  • The World Opposed To God 

     & Much More 


  • Life After Death 

  • Second Coming of Christ 

  • New Heaven & New Earth 

  • Resurrection 

  • Nature of Hell 

     & Much More 

The Church 

  • Edification 

  • Evangelism 

  • Family Relationships

  • Social Concerns

  • Priesthood of the Believer

  • Mission of the Church 

  • Bride of Christ 

  • Lord's Supper 

  • Worship 

     & Much More 

The Doctrine of the Word of God

  • The Word of God

  • The Canon of Scripture

  • The 4 Characteristics of Scripture: Authority, Clarity, Necessity, Sufficiency

What Is Included in the Doctrines of the Bible Certificate Course


This all-inclusive Doctrines of the Bible Certificate Course package includes:

  • Registration for the Doctrines of the Bible Certificate Course Online.

  • Access to the instructor to provide you with personal teaching assistance.

  • Recorded Sessions from the doctrinal course.

  • Downloadable Doctrines of the Bible Certificate personalized with your name and the seal of Rhema University which you may print.

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Register for the Doctrines of the Bible Certificate Course


Most online certificate courses have previously been offered for a registration fee of hundreds of dollars. This all-inclusive registration package for the Doctrines of the Bible Certificate Course is priced ONLY BY DONATION for the 8 Hour course beginning May 18 2024, 8am-4pm CST.




Register today for the Doctrines of the Bible Certificate Course. Enrollment is limited and registration is on a first come first served basis, so we recommend that you register early for the Doctrines of the Bible Certificate Course online to avoid disappointment.

If the course is full, please email to be notified when a new course date is scheduled.

Why Get a Certificate?

How can you benefit from a certificate from Rhema University?

A certificate may give you:

  • Respect as a professional

  • A competitive advantage when marketing your services

  • A sense of achievement and confidence

  • A credential for your resume when applying for jobs

  • Assurance to clients of your professionalism

  • Evidence of your expertise

  • Higher earnings (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in Certificates: A fast track to careers)


With the Rhema University, you can earn a certificate more quickly and affordably than many other educational options.

Why Choose Rhema University?

The University of Rhema aims to offer the finest in affordable online certificates and training programs for growth & empowerment.

There are books for most of our courses that are used in conjunction with the training to give you an additional source and reference for growth.

The books that are provided are either books utilized from Mitchell Publications or other books that have made a huge impact on society. 

It can cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to take other certificate programs. When we discovered online courses based on some of the programs offered on the internet costing more than $1,000, we knew it was time to offer our own online certificate programs.

Now, the leader in online empowerment for spiritual growth and empowerment, along with an instructor with vast knowledge and accolades, allows you to study and earn a certificate from the comfort of your own home.

Rhema University has designed a knowledgeable program to meet high academic standards, ensuring that as a graduate you can proudly display the certificate you will earn from the university.


We invite you to learn more about the online certificate courses we offer you by visiting the tabs provided under the main tab Rhema University. We are also happy to answer any of your questions to help you decide whether an online certificate course from Rhema University is right for you.

Have questions or need help?

Contact an Academic Instructor at Rhema University:

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